Community Foundation Two Milestones

February  27, 2014

      As it begins to celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend has reached another important milestone. Assets of the over-900 funds it administers now total 100 million dollars.       President and ceo, Susan Skora, says during its first 30 years, the foundation handed out grants from just one fund that was worth just one million dollars. Then during the next 20 years, it grew to hundreds of individual funds worth 100 million dollars.

      "I'm not sure the rate of growth will continue at that pace but it certainly will continue to grow because we have been told by those who have made estate plans that name us that there will be gifts to come in the future that will more than double our size."

      Skora says the various funds support a wide range of agencies and causes, including church missions, health care, and the environment. One was set up to help the cemetery in Wellman, Iowa. 

       "He wanted to make sure there would be flags put up on Memorial Day in the local cemetery. So he established a fund to do that because he'd been helping them to do that for 20 years and he wanted to make sure there would be new flags when they needed them."

       Celebration of the the 50th anniversary begins tonight when representatives of some of the Community Foundation's funds will make presentations as part of a monthly speaker series at the Figge Museum in Davenport.  Skora says the final event is set for October when the foundation holds it annual celebration.