Community Based Warrior Transition Unit

August  15, 2014

      As the number of wounded soldiers returning from overseas drops, so does the need for care teams to support them. Today, the Rock Island Arsenal held a de-activation ceremony for its Community Based Warrior Transition Unit. 

      The group formed in 2006 to help troops who'd been injured overseas. Since then, it's helped over 2,300 soldiers heal and return to duty or find jobs. 

      Sergeant Aaron Hannemann spent a year with the transition unit working with soldiers in more than six states, including Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio.

      "Soldiers have 2 or 3 family members die, spouses in jail, kids missing for a week. You don't have just a soldier; you have a family unit you're taking care of. That's just our job. This was better than the last segment that we did and there's something else that's coming along."

      The Community Based Warrior Transition Unit will move to Fort Knox, Kentucky and have a new name: the Community Care Unit. 

       Unit Commander Richard Black says moving the operation will help the Arsenal save money. 

     "Twice a year, every soldier has to physically come from their home of record and they do face to face meetings with their care teams. At that time, they'll have availability of all those support structures that, quite frankly, aren't necessarily here on Rock Island Arsenal. We don't have a hospital and our soldiers need that kind of care."

      The Community Care Unit in Fort Knox will serve soldiers in Illinois and the five other states, just as the Arsenal did.  The deactivation ceremony was held this morning on Arsenal Island.


(Photo:  The Community Based Warrior Transition Unit at the deactivation ceremony.)