Clinton Symphony Orchestra Opens 60th Season

September  27, 2013

The Clinton Symphony Orchestra kicks off its 60th concert season Friday night. The first performace will be in Morrison, with a repeat performance on Sunday in DeWitt.

Music director, Brian Dollinger, says more and more people come out to see the symphony each year.

"This season's got a lot of music that is very familiar for audience members," said Dollinger. "So the other thing I like to do is make sure at every concert there's music that someone who's never been to a symphony concert can come to and say, 'Oh, I know this!' And it makes them feel more comfortable coming. Continuing that with the energy and the excitement of how the players play."

The theme of the opening performance is "Inspirational Landscapes." Dollinger says one new composition by Nolan Stolz celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln Highway. One part of the composition called "Prairie View" depicts the Illinois and Iowa portion of Highway 30.

"This section goes through all three of the communities I conduct orchestra in," said Dollinger. "So it's a perfect combination. So it's a contemporary composer, he's coming to the performances. But when people hear contemporary music, they kind of get nervous about it. But his music is more late Romantic. It's very tonal and harmonic."

The Clinton Symphony Orchestra's first concert of the season begins tonight (Fri) at 7:30 at Morrison High School, with a repeat performance on Sunday at 3 p.m. at the Central Performing Arts Center in DeWitt. It'll include pieces by Mendelssohn, Wagner, Grieg, and Dvorak. 

A full schedule of season can be found on the Clinton Symphony's website.