CHC Opens in EM

March  26, 2013

     Low income residents of East Moline and upper Rock Island County no longer have to go Moline or Rock Island to see a doctor. This morning, Community Health Care held a ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening of a new clinic on the corner of 15th Avenue and 7th Street in downtown East Moline. 

     CEO, Tom Bowman, says the 8,000 square foot building cost about 1.7 million dollars, funded by the federal Affordable Care Act.

     "About 50 % of our patients are Medicaid and about 25-30 % are uninsured. The statistics for East Moline, Silvis, Colona, and surrounding communities are right in line with our general patient population. About 3,000 patients from East Moline and surrounding communities were coming to our Moline location so we knew there was a patient base over here."

     Mayor John Thodos has been working on this project for seven years. And the first step was to tear down an eyesore on that corner - the former Quad City Furniture store. He says the health clinic would not have been possible without a 250,000 dollar federal grant to help revitalize downtown East Moline.

     "This is what an earmark looks like. I don't have any problem with earmarks, and I thank god for friends like Dick Durbin who got us this we we could tear down the buildings, remove the asbestos, and so we could put up this building." 

     THE National Bank donated property next door to be used for parking. About 25 people work at the new primary care clinic in East Moline, and Bowman says 16 of those positions are new.