Centennial Bridge will Close for Over a Month

June  10, 2014

      The Centennial Bridge will close for more than a month this summer, and to prepare drivers, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) will host public meetings in Davenport and Rock Island tomorrow night.

      John Wegmeyer, from the IDOT office in Dixon, says the bridge needs structural and cosmetic repairs. And work will begin Monday, June 23rd with lane closures.

      "Basically, eventually the bridge would have to be closed before too long if we don't replace these structural steel members because they're rusting through. They wouldn't be able to handle the load capacity, and we would have to close the bridge."

      General Constructers, the contractor, will replace concrete, paint, and a beam that goes across the width of the bridge.  Wegmeyer says the Centennial bridge will be open weekends, nights, and during peak hours in the morning and afternoon until late July. 

      "The worst case scenario is they'd have one lane each direction closed, but there will always at least be one lane open in each direction."

      Centennial bridge is now scheduled to close completely July 28th, and not re-open until September 5th right before Labor Day weekend. Wegmeyer says the project should be completed by mid-September.  IDOT will answer questions about the project tomorrow from 3 to 6 pm at the Rock Island County Office Building, and from 4 to 7 pm at the Scott County Administration Building in Davenport.