Centennial Bridge Reopening Delayed

August  26, 2014

      A major traffic problem for local motorists will last up to one month longer than expected. Today the Illinois Department of Transportation announced the Centennial Bridge between Rock Island and Davenport may not re-open until early October. The bridge closed for repairs nearly four weeks ago, and the original completion date was September 6th. 

      John Wegmeyer, from the DOT office in Dixon, says it's really no surprise the 75 year old bridge needs more work than anticipated. 

      "We've been running into a lot of issues as we work on this old bridge. As we take things apart, we find new problems. We've run into a couple of major ones that require us to order new steel. And by the time that's fabricated, delivered, and installed here it's going to take several weeks to get that done."

      Wegmeyer says major repairs were made to the Centennial Bridge in 2003 just before the city handed over ownership to Iowa and Illinois.

      The original cost of the current project was 3.3 million dollars, and he says no cost estimate has been made yet for the extra work, and several weeks delay.