Celebrating Home Ownership

February  04, 2014

      Some former residents of public housing will be honored tonight, The Rock Island Housing Authority will hold a celebration for 24 families who used to live in one of its housing complexes, but now have bought their own homes.

      Spokeswoman Gail Brooks says the families lived in Manor Homes on 9th Street. She calls this a huge achievement for them, for the housing authority, and for the community. 

      "They were able to come into public housing and get the help, support, and the resources they needed to lift themselves up and out of public housing and into home ownership. That's 24 of 122 families that have achieved home ownership through this process."

      She says one of the former residents refers to buying his own home as a "Big Wow."

      Five more families from Manor Homes are currently participating in a home buyer incentive program, and may soon be able to buy their own homes too.

      The Rock Island Housing Authority began re-locating residents of Manor Homes last spring, to prepare for the demolition of the 60-year old complex which begins tomorrow. Actually, Brooks calls it a "de-construction" because as many materials as possible will be recycled. Last fall all the appliances were donated to Habitat for Humanity for its Re-Store in Davenport.