Buffalo Bill Museum Expands

March  07, 2014

      Thanks to rising attendance, and some generous gifts, the Buffalo Bill Museum in LeClaire has expanded. An open house and ribbon cutting will be held late this afternoon.

      Executive director, Bob Schiffke, says the new, 14-hundred square feet will house all its non-exhibit space, such as offices, storage, gift shop, and library.

      "That has freed up about 900 square feet for added exhibit space. It doesn't seem like much, but for a small museum it makes quite a difference."

      One new exhibit will be on the history of LeClaire, and the museum now will have a room for children's activities.

      The Buffalo Bill Museum was founded in 1957 by the LeClaire Women's Club, and moved to its current location on the riverfront in 1971. And this is the third addition to that building. Schiffke says some years ago, the museum averaged 9 to 10,000 visitors per year, but admissions now are nearly double that.