Braley Introduced Education Bill

September  18, 2013

Bullying and student wellness are the focus of a new bill introduced by Iowa Congressman Bruce Braley Wednesday. The Successful, Safe, and Healthy Students Act targets problems that may hinder student achievement.

Braley says schools have changed a lot since he was a student.

"My bill seeks to advance student achievement, and positive child and youth development," said Braley, "By promoting student health and wellness in our schools, by preventing bullying, violence, and drug use, and also by fostering a positive school climate that promotes mental health and social and emotional skills."

Braley says his legislation would provide schools with grants to address issues like bullying and student health. And the goal is to provide a safe, stable, and positive environment for all children. 

Ideally, he says, every child would come from a home that fosters good behavior in school.

"There are so many students who aren't getting that kind of positive modeling from their parents," said Braley, "Who come to school and are disruptive. Who don't have an understanding of some of the basic boundaries of behavior in a public setting. And sadly, that's what teachers all over Iowa and all over America are facing on a daily basis."

Braley developed the Successful, Safe, and Healthy Students Act with the help of Iowa U.S. Senator Tom Harkin, who has introduced a similar bill in the Senate.