Bodies Revealed Opens

March  08, 2013

     An up-close and personal look at the human body is the purpose of a new exhibit at the Putnam Museum in Davenport. Featuring real skeletons, "Bodies Revealed" opens Saturday, and will be on display for four months.

     Doctor Roy Glover, chief medical director for a company called Premier Exhibitions, says the skeletons and various body parts come from people who've donated their bodies to science. And the nine galleries start with a "body" that's just bones on one side, but with muscles and cartilage on the other side. 

     And along with several full-size skeletons, the exhibit features a detailled look at various parts of the body, such as the skull, hands, feet, spine, and blood vessels.

     Since "Bodies Revealed" was first designed in 2004, he says it's travelled to 30 countries and hosted 16 million visitors. It'll be on display here until mid-July, with seminars and other special events.