Bobby Schilling on New Legislation for Veterans

June  19, 2014

      A former Illinois congressman says new legislation aimed at veterans' access to health care is a step forward, but still needs work.  Bobby Schilling, republican congressional nominee for Illinois' 17th congressional district, says the reform would give some local veterans urgent treatment, but not all. 

      "Currently, the way it is set up is, the VA has to have a wait period of over 40 days, which is too long. If a veteran needs help, they need to get in there right away, and I think that's one of the things I think that they'll have to be working on."

      The bill would authorize veterans to visit private doctors if they ended up on a VA waiting list. Schilling sponsored a similar program while serving in Congress from 2011-2013. He says if his measure had passed, the list of veterans waiting for care from the Department of Veterans Affairs would probably be shorter.

      Schilling says there 60,000 veterans in the 17th district, and the recent legislation would give them the treatment they need.