Black Hawk College students in the QCs may not have to commute anymore

October  03, 2012

Student housing may soon be available at Black Hawk College in Moline. On Wednesday college administrators will make a presentation to the board of trustees.
    Black Hawk president Thomas Baynum says housing for 60 students is already available at the east campus, and Carl Sandburg College just opened a residence hall in Galesburg this fall. It's becoming more common across the country as more community college students study full-time.
   "As they train in a program like nursing or our physical therapy assistant program, they're often in class most of the day and then doing clinicals. Whether we think of them as commuters or not, they're pretty much on campus 5 days a week."
    He also says parents and students think living on campus will allow young people to have what he calls "the total college experience."
   "In many cases students are looking to have that growth experience that you have when you're dealing with housing and roommates and kind of living on your own, but being close enough to your family for support."
    Doctor Baynum thinks the Moline campus might be able to support 100 or so beds in two or four bedroom suites - private bedrooms and bathrooms with shared kitchens and common areas.
    The trustees meeting begins at 5 pm, at the Moline campus of Black Hawk College.