Owners of Bettendorf Site Start Building a Hilton

October  25, 2013

By this time next year, Bettendorf tourists can stay at the Hilton and buy Starbucks at a drive-through. Thursday morning, Kinseth Hospitality Companies broke ground at the property on Middle Road, just west of Interstate 74.

Vice President, Bruce Kinseth, says his company bought the former Holiday Inn and Bennigan's restaurant 13 years ago. "It was always our intention to tear it down and build a new one. It took longer than we thought due to the recession. But we finally got the financing in place and tore it down. It'll be a better use of the four acres. With five stories instead of two, we only need 2 1/2 acres."

President of First Equity in Bettendorf, Steve Geifman, says his company bought the frontage property and has an agreement with Starbucks to build a new store with drive-through service. The current Starbucks across the street employs 12 people, and workers say more will be hired when the larger store opens.

The Hilton Garden Inn will have 116 rooms, a restaurant, bar, meeting rooms, fitness center, and pool. It's a $9 million project and will benefit from its location in Bettendorf's tax increment financing district. Kinseth says about 40 people will work there when it opens next September.