Be A Fan to Seniors

July  15, 2014

      Once again, local residents can help the elderly survive the heat this summer. The Center for Active Seniors in Davenport is collecting fans, and donations to buy fans, for low income seniors in Scott County.

      Kathy Horrell, director of senior services for CASI, says the Centers for Disease Control estimates seniors account for nearly half (40%) of all heat-related deaths.

      "As we age, we have medications that can cause changes in the way our body responds to heat and we're either less likely to perspire or we perspire all year round. So there's not really a way for the body to regulate its ability to adjust to temperature."

      In addition, many seniors live in older homes that are not well-ventilated. And for those on limited incomes, there's often little if any money left over for utilities after they buy food and medicine.

      Donations of money, and 20-inch box fans, can be given to CASI in Davenport. Horrell says last year, the agency handed out 150 fans in the Be a Fan to Seniors program. So far this year, about 40 have been distributed.