Battle of 1814 at Credit Island

August  29, 2014

     One of the last battles in the War of 1812 will be remembered tomorrow  in the Quad Cities. The Davenport Parks and Recreation Department will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of 1814, on Credit Island.

      On September 4th, 1814, American soldiers, led by Chief Black Hawk, fought the British for control of part of the Mississippi River. The British won the battle, and parks director Scott Hock says local residents need to know about it.

       "It's always important to kind of capture our history as far as knowing where we are and what brought us here. Credit Island is a beautiful jewel that we have in Davenport. It's a gorgeous island. We want to help celebrate it and promote it and part of that is understanding the history of it."

      The commemoration will include a presentation on the War of 1812, the dedication of a monument; and a Lacrosse demonstration by the Dakota and Winnebego tribes.

       Hock says, "We'll also be doing some fireworks off in some areas so people have a good understanding of where exactly different factions of the battle took place. It's a little difficult to do a true battle reenactment because it was a pretty spread out."

       The commemoration will take place on Credit Island Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm. Hock hopes it'll give local residents a chance to visit other parts of the Island and participate in future events like eagle-watching, fishing, and jogging. 


(Photo: Actors as British troops during a War of 1812 commemoration in Wisconsin.)