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August  14, 2014

      Four years of planning by Saint Ambrose University has gone down the drain.Wednesday night the Davenport city council could not over-ride a veto by Mayor Bill Gluba of a proposed new sports complex.  The vote was 6 to 4 in favor of a re-zoning request, but at least 7 votes were needed to over-ride the mayor's first-ever veto. 

      Vice president for finance, Mike Poster, says the university spent four years studying, talking to neighbors, and designing the complex. 

      "Our plan meets, and in many cases significantly exceeds, the requirements of the city ordinances. So not to have 7 aldermen willing to override the veto was very disappointing for us."

       The 25 million dollar complex would have been located just north of campus, and on the north side of West Central Park Avenue. It would have included a 2,500 seat stadium, soccer field, softball diamond, other facilities, and parking. Some neighbors opposed it due to concerns about traffic, noise, and water runoff. 

      Poster says Saint Ambrose officials will now take some time to consider their options before deciding what to do next. 


(drawing of the proposed complex courtesy of SAU)