Augustana Prof Teaches in German

February  24, 2014

      A member of the faculty at Augustana College will spend the next several months teaching overseas. Last week, Associate Professor of History, Jane Simonsen, travelled to Germany, and the University of Regensberg.

      Thanks to a Fullbright Senior Lecturer Award, she'll teach two courses in American Studies - "History and Imagery of the American West" and "Images of Native Americans in US History and Culture."

      "The unique history of exploration, movement west, cross cultural encounters that characterize the American West - Germans have been fascinated by it for 150 years. There were actually a lot of Germans who came over here in the 19th century and were interested in exploring the American West."

      Since her students are enrolled in an American Studies program, she'll teach the two courses in English.

      Making the trip with Doctor Simonsen will be her husband, and their three children - ages 5, 7, and 9. 

      "I think the hardest part is just getting five people ready to go, and making arrangements to live over there, making arrangements for the kids' schooling, and having someone live in our house."    

      The German summer term runs from April through July, and she'll return to the US after the term ends.