Author from Augustana College Publishes First Book

August  22, 2013

A member of the Augustana College staff, and a former student of the college, has published his first book. Earlier this month, admissions officer Eric Rowell (like howell) self published a work of fiction entitled, "The Manifested Melancholy Magnificent". 

Rowell says it's partly based on stories from his life growing up in Chicago.

"It's the story about life in the inner city in the 1980s," said Rowell. "We often think about Dynasty and parachute pants and big hair bands, but often times life was a little bit more somber and rhythmic at the same time for a lot of other people."

Rowell began writing when he was business student at Augustana College nearly 20 years ago. Since then, he's written poetry and prose, and two other books. But this is the first he's published.

He's always hoped to become a successful novelist, and one day the "Ernest Hemingway of the 21st Century." But he says it'll be up to readers to decide whether "Manifested" is his masterpiece.

"I hope readers will, for onem, be entertained," said Rowell, "But I also want them to have a little bit of a greater insight about the lives of some of the people they walk past every day might consist of. Mostly I just want them to feel as if someone has written something that was in their mind, hopefully, was great. And provides for them joy and understanding at the same time."

Eric Rowell's book "The Manifested Melancholy Magnificent" can be found at