Augustana Armed Officers

January  28, 2014

      By the time classes start in the fall, the public safety department at Augustana College will be converted into a campus police department. Over the weekend, trustees approved the change, based on a recommendaton from the college administration.

      Evelyn Campbell, dean and vice president of student life, says trustees "strongly supported" the change that will add armed officers in case some sort of serious incdent ever occurs on the campus.

      "So we will take the ten public safety officers we currently have - three of them have completed the equivalent of police academy training and have carried a weapon in a previous position. They would be the three that would become sworn police officers and carry a weapon. The other 7 who are still members of this campus police department would continue to do the kinds of things they currently do in terms of serving the campus community. 

The recommendation and vote by the board of trustees follows several weeks of meetings and discussion on campus, including student, faculty, and staff.