Audubon School in RI

April  24, 2013

     Plans to build a new grocery store in Rock Island may soon run into a roadblock. Tonight the Rock Island Preservation Commission will consider designating the former Audubon School a historic landmark.

     Fareway Stores is working on plans to buy the vacant school from the Rock Island district, demolish it, and build a new store, on 18th Avenue. The city's Planning and Re-development Administrator, Ben Griffith, says a former resident of Rock Island, Alexandra Elias, who now lives in San Diego, submitted the landmark application, hoping to preserve the school. 

     Griffith says the school district opposes the designation, and if it's granted, can appeal to the city council. Becoming a landmark would make it harder to get permission to demolish Audubon School, but not impossible.

     It was built in 1923, and closed in 2010.  The Rock Island Preservation Commission will meet today (wed) at 5:15 pm in city hall.