Army Materiel Command - Rock Island Arsenal

August  20, 2014

      The head of an organization that oversees operations in 50 states and 145 countries has come to the Quad Cities. Today, General Dennis Via, commanding general of the Army Materiel Command visited the Rock Island Arsenal.  

      The Arsenel is part of the Army Materiel Command, or AMC, which provides everything from ammunition and armor to food and vehicles for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force. 

       General Via calls the Arsenal a "national asset," despite its changing role in recent years:

      "While workload is declining, it's still a critical capability to our nation. We're continuing to withdraw forces from Afghanistan along with our equipment, and many of the processes to reset that equipment, refurbish that equipment, will be done by the capabilities provided here at the Rock Island Arsenal."

       Currently, about 4,500 people work on Arsenal Island for the various commands that make up the AMC. General Via says that number depends on the ever-changing defense budget.

      "That creates enormous inefficiences, especially when you're talking about a manufacturing center that has a global supply chain; they have to manage the workforce that they have; the number of shifts that they run; the raw materials that they require, and so not having a predictable budget impacts in a negative way on the ability of these organizations to meet their requirements."

      General Via is currently trying to get more funding for the AMC, the Rock Island Arsenal, and three other "Centers of Excellence" in Maryland, Michigan, and Alabama. 

      The Army Materiel Command employs 67,000 people worldwide.