Army Approves New Alcoa Armor

October  14, 2013

     A new type of armor made by Alcoa has been approved for use by the US Army. And it'll be produced at the Quad Cities plant in Riverdale.

     Davenport Works spokesman John Riches says the new alloy is lighter and stronger, and will be easier to fix in the field.

     "We've made armor plate here at least a couple of decades and this is just the latest in a long string of different armor alloys that we've developed between the Davenport Works and our Alcoa technical center just outside of Pittsburgh."

     The company says the new aluminum armor plate, "meets the US military's highest performance standards for strength, blast absorption, and ballistics resistance for armored combat vehicles.

     Riches says the new type of armor will not add significantly to production or employment at the Davenport Works.