Armed Officers on Campus

January  15, 2014

      Later this month, trustees of Augustana College will discuss arming some police officers on campus. The recommendation comes from a meeting last weekend by the cabinet, which includes, the president, vice presidents, deans, and legal counsel. 

      Evelyn Campbell, dean and vice president of student life, says the recomendation is to establish a campus police department using three members of the Public Safety department who are already qualified to carry firearms. They would be available if a serious incident occurs on campus.

      She says this follows what people are calling the "all hazards approach." 

      "Which asks businesses, colleges, hospitals, and malls to look at all the different kinds of emergencies that could occur on campus and have a response available. In addition, other colleges and universities across the country which we keep tabs on, slowly but surely there's a trend that's developed which indicates more and more colleges and universities are choosing to establish a police department on their campus."

       The recommendation and cabinet meeting follow several weeks of forums and discussion on campus, including students and faculty. Augustana trustees are scheduled to meet on January 25th and could vote on the police department proposal.