Antique Cars to be Showcased in the Quad Cities

June  18, 2013

Nearly 500 antique cars will roll into the Quad Cities starting this weekend. The 2013 Hemmings Motor News Great Race will stop in LeClaire Park in Davenport beginning this Sunday during the Third Annual Barbecue and Craft Brew festival. 

Lynn Hunt from the Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau says this is the first time the Great Race has stopped in town overnight.

"The Great Race is a time, precision rally," said Hunt. "So they have a driver and a navigator in each vehicle. They have to go to random checkpoints and try to get there as close to the specific time as they were given on their instructions. So they follow the Great River Road, they stop for lunch, and they stop for dinner and overnight. So the Quad Cities was successful in bidding for the overnight stop here in Davenport."

This is the 30th year for The Great Race, which begins in Saint Paul Minnesota and follows the Mississippi River down to Mobile, Alabama. This year, nearly 100 cars will compete, all built before 1969.

The following weekend, Moline will host this year's Antique Automobile Club of America Grand National.  

President of the Mississippi Valley Region chapter, Mary Bartemeyer, says more than three hundred antique cars will be on display, showing just how far the motor vehicle has come.

"What they are are driving today, what it took to get to that point," said Bartemeyer. "There's no seatbelts. There's no airbags. There's no DVD player. There's no radio. There's no speedometer. The modern kids today have no idea what they went through. No idea." 

The antique auto-filled week kicks off this Sunday at LeClaire Park, and finishes the following Saturday at John Deere Commons.

The Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau estimates this week's events could bring one million dollars to the region.