Anti-Fluoride Activist

January  14, 2013

     Local opponents of fluoridated water have brought in an expert to help them organize in the Quad Cities. Doctor Paul Connett will speak tonight and tomorrow night - he's a retired professor of chemistry and environmental toxicology, and co-author of the 2010 book, "The Case Against Fluoride."

     He first became interested in the topic in 1996 when it was discussed by his city council in Binghamton New York. Beginning in the early 1950's, most municipal water supplies in the US began adding fluoride at the level of one part-per-million. He calls that reckless because it's 250 times the level found in a mother's milk. 
     Connett says studies have shown the damaging effects of high levels of fluoride - from American teenagers with dental fluorosis, or dis-colored teeth, to China where naturally-occurring fluoride in drinking water may be linked with lower IQ's. And he calls it "bad medicine" to give everyone fluoride, no matter their age or condition, with no control over how large a dose they get.

    Doctor Connett will speak tonight at 6:30 at the Bettendorf Library, and tomorrow (tues) night at the Moline Library.  Some Quad Cities residents concerned about fluoride have started a public awareness campaign they call "Have the Debate."