America's Music Quad Cities

April  11, 2013

A six week celebration of American music kicks off Thursday in the Quad Cities. Partners of America's Music Quad Cities will announce a grant-funded film series, which explores 20th century American music.

One of the event's organizers, Jennifer Christiansen, says music is a great way for people to relate to eachother.

"We definitely have a lot of differences between all of our background and interests, but music is something that everybody can connect through," said Christiansen. "Through viewing the series and being able to discuss with others who enjoy this music or are new to it, we can kind of bridge the gap between some of our differences, and realize how much we do have in common as Americans."

The Quad Cities is one of 50 sites across the country selected to host this program.   Featuring 19 presentations ranging from Blues to Bluegrass, Christiansen says putting the series together has been a large, but rewarding undertaking.

"For four libraries, and an educational institution, and a local non-profit to do something like this is really unique," she said, "And we're really excited at being able to pull our strengths together and provide this to the community."

The kick-off event will be held at the River Music Experience in Davenport from 4:30 to 6:00pm. It'll include details of the series and a performance by the winners of the Iowa Blues Challenge, The Candymakers. The complete schedule for the next six weeks can be found online at