Alleged Overpayment on RI County Board

August  13, 2014

      Some officials of Rock Island County have been overpaid--at least that's the charge made by some members of the County Board at a press conference this morning. They believe they've found errors on the timecards for board chairman, Phil Banaszak, and his executive assistant, Shelly Chapman. 

      Board member, Don Johnston, says he looked at timecards from December 2010 thru last May. He claims they were overpaid by $3,600. Some timecards didn't have the required signatures to validate them. In some cases, he says, Banaszak and Chapman signed their own timecards. 

       "This is not an accusation; it's just simply that there's definitely things that are wrong. These overpayments are done. Whether its extremely bad management or something more severe, I don't know, but we need an audit to find this kind of thing out."

       Chapman says an accounting firm was hired in June and began an audit in July, and it's looking into what she calls "calculation issues" for several other positions.

      But Johnston and other board members say they were never asked to approve it: "We don't know much about it. It's interesting that the people that are actually the people that this audit would be looking into is deciding what kind of an audit to have."

       Johnston hopes to receive more information about the audit at the next board meeting next week. 


(Photo: Rock Island County Board member, Don Johnston, and other board members.)