A QC Man Sails with the Nina & Pinta

August  12, 2013

     A Quad Cities man has found a unique way to train for his chosen career in archaeology. Murray Grant of Dewitt has joined the crew on the replica ships, Nina and Pinta, for the next three months.  He toured the ships last month when they were docked in Clinton, and decided then to apply. And thinks this will be a great opportunity to learn some "practical archaelogy."

     "Hopefully I'll find a career in marine archaeology, specifically. So to be able to serve on board a 15th century caravel - the next time I'll see that I'll be ten fathoms down."

     To prepare, Grant did some reading, but hopes he already has some of the basic knowledge he'll need. 

     "When I was younger, back in England, I was in a naval cadet organization. So I can tie most of the knots that are needed, I know which end of the rope to pull, and I can remember which side port and starboard are. And I can scrub decks pretty well."

     After spending ten days tied up in Davenport, the Nina and Pinta will sail today for Keokuk where they'll spend a week at the Keokuk Yacht Club (8/15-21).

     Grant's three months will end this fall in Knoxville, Tennessee, and he'll return home, but then hopes to crew again early next year when the two ships sail up the east coast.