A New Search for an Architect

July  09, 2014

      The search for an architect for a major construction project at Central High School in Davenport will start over soon. This week, the school board agreed with a recommendation from Superintendent Art Tate to send out a request for proposals, instead of contacting only those considered before.

      Last month the board voted to fire the first firm chosen, CSO Architects from Indianapolis, after construction bids for a new pool and auditorium came in way over budget.

      District spokeswoman, Dawn Saul, says the board also considered talking with only the remaining finalists from the first search, or screening just those who submitted proposals before. 

      "We kept hearing from board members their desire for transparency. And although we may have some very worthy people who were in the first found, who might we be leaving out of the mix if we just go back to those initial 11, or 3 remaining finalists."

      Saul says the Davenport district will probably advertise later this month in the Quad City Times and Des Moines Register, and could choose an architect by later this year (nov-dec). Then the 25 million dollar project at Central High School could be completed by the fall of 2016.