A Call for the RI County Board Chair to Resign

June  09, 2014

      A fellow democrat is calling on the chair of the Rock Island County board to resign. Today Doug House, chairman of the county's democratic central committee, asked Phil Banaszek to give up his post as chairman so the board could address some serious problems.

      Due to lawsuits and other controversy, House says the chair, and county board, need to act soon to restore public trust in county government.

      "I do think they have such critical issues financially, both with their general fund, dealing with Hope Creek and the financial issue there, and the county courthouse. These issues require a sense of urgency by the county board that is very difficult to obtain when you're distracted with all of these other things."

       According to the Dispatch and Argus, Banaszek reacted by saying he will not resign, and doesn't see how it would solve any problems.

       House works for the city of Moline, which has a professional administrator, and now thinks Rock Island County should do the same instead of relying on the elected board chair to be in charge. 

       "It's effective, it's appropriate, it's measured, and there's strategic planning that takes place. And the types of things that provide long-term planning and long-term goals."

       House says he's speaking for himself and not other democratic party leaders, but says he reached these conclusions after talking with friends, other party members, and business and labor leaders.