Habitat for Humanity

Deere and Company will help re-build homes for victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Friday it announced a donation of one million dollars for Habitat Hammers Back, a division of Habitat for Humanity that focuses on long-term recovery.

Habitat for Humanity

A dozen volunteers from all across the country have come to the Quad Cities to help Habitat for Humanity. 

The traveling volunteers are called "care-a-vanners" because they travel in rv's to various Habitat sites.

light yellow house with a small porch
Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

The Quad Cities chapter of Habitat for Humanity will celebrate Christmas a little early, and dedicate a new home tomorrow near Five-Points in Davenport. After taking homebuyer classes, and working at least 500 hours on this and other Habitat projects, the new owners will receive the keys to the home at 1651 West 17th St.

This is the 98th home built by Habitat in the Quad Cities. It was supported by Thrivent Builds, the Scott County Housing Council, Quad City Bank & Trust, and St. Paul Lutheran Church. The dedication ceremony will be held at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow.

The lot where Habitat's 100th home will be built
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This weekend will be special for the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Saturday, the organization will break ground on its 100th house built in the Quad Cities.

Habitat for Humanity in the Quad Cities is nearing a milestone. On Saturday, it will hold groundbreaking ceremonies for the 98th and 99th houses.

Chloe Dale reports. 

Habitat built its first house here in 1993, and expects to finish its 100th home in August.

Director of Development, Dougal Nelson, says usually, Habitat asks businesses and organizations for donations of at least 10-thousand dollars. But fundraising for the 100th home will be a little different.   

The newest home built by Habitat for Humanity Quad Cities was in large part funded by an anonymous donor who stipulated the organization dedicate it to Pope Francis.
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Habitat for Humanity will dedicate a home Saturday in honor of Pope Francis.

An anonymous donor offered Habitat for Humanity Quad Cities a $60,000 gift to fund a home. The donor had three instructions for the organization: honor Pope Francis's commitment to social justice, provide unifying work for Catholic and non-Catholic volunteers working toward a common goal and further Habitat's mission for building homes. 

The local Iowa Knights of Columbus, Wells Fargo and donations from nearby parishes and schools funded the rest of the construction.

Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

Hammers, drills, and chainsaws will echo through Moline's Floreciente this weekend. The name means blooming or thriving in Spanish.  Michelle O'Neill reports Habitat for Humanity Quad Cities will begin its new, revitalization program, kicking it off Saturday with Rock the Block.

On Saturday at 8 am, volunteers will meet at Ericsson School, which is now called the Esperanza Center. It's part of Heritage Wesleyan Church. 

The John Deere and Waterman-Hubbell foundations are funding Habitat's Neighborhood Revitalization Program.

Habitat for Humanity Quad Cities

While it continues to build new houses in the Quad Cities, a local non-profit will also start to repair them. This fall, Habitat for Humanity will start a new program in Moline's Floreciente Neighborhood. Neighborhood Revitalization Director, Mary Chappell, says Habitat is joining an international initiative, to make a bigger impact on local areas. 

In September, volunteers will kick off the new program by holding a work day in the largely Hispanic neighborhood in north-western Moline. They'll break ground for a new home, make minor home repairs, and clean up yards. 

Habitat for Humanity Quad Cities / Habitat for Humanity Quad Cities

Habitat for Humanity will hold two groundbreakings this weekend in Davenport. The houses will be built side-by-side in the 900 block of Tremont Avenue.

Habitat for Humanity

Two years of hard work and preparation will pay off this weekend for a Quad Cities family. During a ceremony on Saturday dedicating its latest completed home, Habitat for Humanity will give the keys to Afi Amedanu  and her two young children.