Deere and Company will help re-build homes for victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Friday it announced a donation of one million dollars for Habitat Hammers Back, a division of Habitat for Humanity that focuses on long-term recovery.

American Red Cross

Faced with trying to staff two huge, natural disasters, the Red Cross is trying to recruit more volunteers. And it's offering an accelerated training class, called "Just In Time," so more people can be ready to help as soon as possible.

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Just a day or two after they returned from Houston and Hurricane Harvey, some Iowa National Guard soldiers and helicopters are being deployed again. Monday, 19 soldiers and four helicopters from Davenport, Iowa City, Boone, and Waterloo left for Florida to help victims of Hurricane Irma.

WVIK Staff

If elected president, Jeb Bush says he would "disrupt every aspect" of Washington DC. The Republican presidential candidate campaigned at the annual Scott County Ronald Reagan Dinner in Bettendorf tonight, and proposed a six-year ban on lobbying for former members of Congress.