Figge Art Museum

Laura Wriedt and Brian Allen from "The Big Picture"
Courtesy of the Figge Art Museum

Carolyn Martin talks with Laura Wriedt and Brian Allen about “The Big Picture” program created by the Figge Art Museum. 


Paintings by a nearly-forgotten artist from the Quad Cities are featured now at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport. Irma Rene Koen was born in Rock Island in 1883, lived and painted here for many years, and then moved to Mexico where she died in 1975.

Courtesy of Jefferson Pinder

In the second part of a two-episode conversation about art and race in the Quad Cities, Claire and Melissa continue talking with Chicago-based artist Jefferson Pinder. 

Claire Hedden, artist workshop at Augustana College, 7 April 2017.
Tori Charnetzki / Augustana Photo Bureau

Claire and Melissa honor the mothers in their lives by considering the perennial question of balance, and in this case, balance between being both an artist and a mother.

Claire Kovacs and Melissa Mohr host "The Gallery Gap," a conversation on underrepresented populations of artists in galleries across the world.

Claire Kovacs and Melissa Mohr host "The Gallery Gap."
Jared Johnson / WVIK

WVIK has partnered with the Figge Art Museum and Augustana College's Teaching Museum of Art to produce a new podcast focusing on underrepresented populations in art galleries across the world.

A new company is now running the cafe and special events at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport. Last week, the museum and Frontier Hospitality Group celebrated their partnership that officially began in January. 

Maquoketa at the Figge

Sep 29, 2016
Figge Art Museum

The faces of nearly 200 eastern Iowa residents will go on display at the Figge Art Museum this weekend. "Portrait of Maquoketa," features oil portraits painted by Rose Frantzen in 2006.

Previously it's been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC and the State Historical Museum in Des Moines, and was purchased by the Figge for its permanent collection 3 years ago.

Figge Art Museum

Free admission and a popular exhibit helped boost attendance at the Figge Art Museum this summer. From June through last weekend (9/25), 31,000 people visited the museum in downtown Davenport, an increase of 9,000 over last year.

Executive director, Tim Schiffer, says the museum first offered free admission a year ago during the summer as part of its 10th anniversary celebration, and attendance jumped by 9,000 over the previous year. 

Free admission for 15 weeks this year was made possible by grants from the Bechtel Trusts and John Deere Classic.

Credit Muscatine Art Center

The Muscatine Art Center is raising money to make sure the 18,000 pieces in its collection will be preserved and cared for in the future. Through next month, the center is holding its campaign called, "Framing the Future," to finish a $2.1 million renovation project.