John LaBella

Featuring Lou Hare and Brent Tubbs

Set mid-river on Halloween night, John LaBella’s spooky play follows a steamboat captain and his mate as they try to avoid a collision with a mysterious stern-wheeler. 

Soliloquy on Human Nature and Nature

Sep 3, 2016

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

There are no human cases yet, but there has been an increase in what's called "West Nile Virus activity" in the Illinois Quad Cities. Monday the Rock Island County Health Department reported a significant increase in the number of moquitoes testing positive for the virus in traps in Moline and Rock Island.

In addition, a dead Blue Jay found in Rock Island tested positive.

John LaBella

Featuring Sara Tubbs

Set at Eagle Point Park in Clinton, Iowa, Marilyn Kutzli’s play, Forever Watching, is written from the perspective of Stone Face bluff as it reflects on its long history. 

When the Mississippi Ran in Reverse

Aug 27, 2016

Bright green bus parked along a sidewalk
Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

MetroLink will expand its bus fleet next spring with two, new electric buses. This morning, the mass transit agency and Proterra bus company gave journalists a ride on a battery-powered bus.

Mississippi River Rising

Aug 26, 2016
National Weather Service

Heavy rains this week in northeast Iowa are pushing up the level of the Mississippi River and the city of Davenport is starting to take flood protection measures. 

Kate Kremer

Set at Arsenal Island, Ryan Collins’s play builds on text drawn from the autobiography of Black Hawk and imagines the thoughts of the Swan God after his departure from the militarized island that was once his home.

The Channel Cat Water Taxi

Aug 20, 2016

For the first time this summer, West Nile Virus has been detected in Rock Island County. The health department says a mosquito carrying the virus was found in a trap in Moline, one of seven traps in the county.