The Strange Life of the American Eel

Oct 1, 2016

Scott County

The Mississippi River in the Quad Cities is now nearly half a foot over flood stage, and rising. The National Weather Service expects it to crest on Sunday 1 1/2 feet over flood stage.

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The Mississippi River has nearly reached flood stage in the Quad Cities. As of Tuesday morning, the National Weather Service says it was just below that benchmark level, and it's now expected to continue rising to two feet over flood stage by Saturday night and Sunday. 

At that level, the river affects River Drive in Moline in the 47-hundred block, covers most of LeClaire Park in Davenport, and begins to reach the flood gates in downtown Rock Island, in Schwiebert Riverfront Park. 

Photo by John LaBella

Featuring Jordan McGinnis, Angela Rathman, and Sara Tubbs

Roger Pavey’s play is set at Bechtel Park in Davenport and offers a contemporary perspective on the history of Dred Scott in Iowa.

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Protests in North Dakota against a proposed oil pipeline spread to southeastern Iowa. 

Photo by Kate Kremer

Featuring Preston Duncan, Jordan McGinnis, and Angela Rathman

Chuck Oestreich’s play is set in the Sylvan Slough natural area. It interweaves text from the autobiography of Black Hawk with playful, evocative descriptions of the Slough today.


The Lock & Dam System: History & Operations

Sep 17, 2016

John LaBella

Featuring Jessica Denney, Lou Hare, and Brent Tubbs

Set along the bike path in Davenport, Teresa LaBella’s play features a bantering lunchtime discussion among three people taking a creative writing class.

Toward the Stars

Sep 10, 2016