A "name" that's synonymous with conservation and the environmental movement will be the featured speaker this weekend at the 12th annual Environmental Film Fest. Ken Brower is a son of David Brower, 

considered the father of the modern enviromemental movement and the first executive director of the Sierra Club.

The crest of the Mississippi River has reached the Quad Cities.


Mar 4, 2017

Minor Flooding Likely

Mar 2, 2017

The chances for minor flooding by the Mississippi River have gone way up, but the probability of moderate flooding has held steady. Thursday the National Weather Service released its second flood outlook for this spring.

National Weather Service

The Mississippi River is rising, but so far only minor to moderate flooding is forecast.

Mississippi Rising Slowly

Feb 27, 2017

In the Quad Cities, the Mississippi River is rising slowly - it's come up 1.7 feet since Friday and is now 3.3 feet below flood stage. The National Weather Service now predicts it will reach flood stage by next Sunday (3/6) which is considered "minor flooding."

Electronic Waste Day

Feb 25, 2017

Upper Mississippi Recreation

Feb 18, 2017

Spring Flood Outlook

Feb 16, 2017

Chances of flooding along the Mississippi River are slightly higher than normal this spring. In its first flood outlook, the National Weather Service says one of the usual factors, snow melt, should not be a problem this year, but as spring approaches, the Mississippi especially is already at a higher than normal level.

Hoping to better protect the environment and promote environmental education, some local groups have formed the Quad Cities Earth Coalition.