Election 2016

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WVIK Staff

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina will campaign in the Quad Cities and eastern Iowa on Friday.

She'll first hold a town hall meeting in Clinton at noon, at the Eriksen Community Center followed, by a meeting in Dubuque at 3 with employees of McGraw-Hill Education.  And she'll end the day at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, with a reception from 5 until 7 pm. 

Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

Jack Schwartz from Davenport cannot run for Rock Island County State's Attorney. That was the decision this morning by the county's Electoral Board. It threw out 30 pages of the petition he filed to become a candidate.

Iowa Secretary of State

For the first time, democrats from Iowa who aren't in the state for the caucuses will be able to participate. On Tuesday, the Iowa Democratic Party announced the details of its first Tele-Caucus.

Trump Coming to QC

Dec 4, 2015
Trump for President FB Page

After campaigning in four other states this week, Donald Trump is coming to Iowa, and the Quad Cities this weekend.

The republican presidential candidate will hold two rallies in the state on Saturday - in Spencer at 11 am, and in Davenport at 2 o'clock.

Ted Cruz says he's the Republican presidential candidate to bring the next "Reagan revolution."  Today, the US Senator from Texas campaigned in Bettendorf, and talked about his plans to defeat Islamic extremists and end illegal immigration.

Rock Island City Council

The race has become even more crowded for an open seat in the Illinois House from the Quad Cities. Monday Rock Island city council-woman and democrat Kate Hotle announced her candidacy for the 72nd District, now represented by democrat Pat Verschoore from Milan.

Jordan Thoms

Three candidates are now running for a seat on the Illinois House, which will be vacated by Pat Verschoore. Yesterday, a marketing and events coordinator from Rock Island, Jordan Thoms announced he's running to represent the 72nd District. 

WVIK Staff

Republicans need to be "pro-life" for every life, "including the drug-addicted." That's according to GOP presidential candidate and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who campaigned in Bettendorf this morning.

Rubio & Christie in QC

Nov 10, 2015
Rubio-WVIK Staff, Christie-Christie FB Page

Two republican presidential candidates will visit the Quad Cities on Wednesday. 

Martin O'Malley

One presidential candidate will campaign at two major Democratic Party events in eastern Iowa this weekend. Tomorrow, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley says he'll focus on his "actions, not words."