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Black Hawk College's new leader is now on the job. Last month, the board of trustees hired Dr. John Erwin as interim president.

He'll serve in the position while the college looks for former President Bettie Truitt's permanent replacement.

At this point in the academic year, Erwin says Black Hawk's budget is balanced. But soon, he'll have to start working on next year's budget, and uncertainty about state funding will probably continue to be a problem.

Unemployment continued to fall in the Quad Cities in August, falling from 5.3 per cent last year to 4.5 per cent last month. 

Norris Campaigns in QC

Jul 13, 2017
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Education was the focus for democratic gubernatorial candidate John Norris during a stop in Davenport Thursday. It kicked off the final day of his 6-day announcement tour of Iowa.

In the foreground, a student in a classroom listens as another student talks via the telepresence robot. It's a wheeled device with a tablet or notebook computer mounted on top. The screen shows the other student's face and torso.
Bill Gaither / Carl Sandburg College

Carl Sandburg College students will soon be able earn a degree by taking all their classes on the internet.

Next fall, the school in Galesburg will start offering an online Associate in Arts.

The Illinois State Board of Education approved a massive new school accountability plan last week. Our education desk reporter takes a closer look at the portion of the plan dealing with the fine arts.

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At the board meeting Monday night, Davenport Schools Superintendent Dr. Art Tate announced $18 million in budget cuts for the district.

"I Voted" stickers on a cabinet
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Hundreds of Galesburg residents will vote over the lunch hour tomorrow. That's when a high school class will hold its mock election. Michelle O'Neill reports two freshmen are in charge.

Digital learning, professional development, and more support for students and teachers. Those are key parts of a proposed achievement plan for the Davenport School District. The board discussed the five-year plan earlier this week and may vote on it this month.


A Clinton High School student will help teach Iowa officials and administrators how to improve STEM education. This afternoon, Riley Hubbart will be a panelist during the Governor's 2016 Future Ready Iowa Summit.

Michelle O'Neill reports Hubbart certainly seems to have the "right stuff" to lead.

Governor Bruce Rauner greets students as he arrives at Glenview Middle School in East Moline. He visited the school to talk about the importance of education and reforming the funding formula.
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"Get Springfield out of the classroom, and let teachers teach."

That's what Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner told students Tuesday at Glenview Middle School in East Moline. He's trying to drum up support for spending more on education.

The Glenview Middle School Mariachi Band, dressed in bright blue outfits, playing guitars, trumpets, and violins, played a couple of songs for Gov. Rauner after he spoke to a crowd of students at an assembly. Several students asked excellent questions, such as, "What do you think of school funding?" Rauner was happy to respond, saying the funding formula is "broken," and relies too much on property taxes. 

The governor also wants to get rid of many regulations, unfunded mandates and excess testing. 

Rauner says decisions about outside contracts should be made by local school districts. East Moline middle school students also asked the governor what he thinks of unions. Rauner told them they've done good things such as making workplaces safe, and working for fair pay. But he also told the kids state government should balance union benefits with helping companies, especially small businesses.