News about the Quad Cities and surrounding region.

Togo Uprising QC

Oct 20, 2017

Even though they now live thousands of miles from their native country, hundreds of people are expected to demonstrate tomorrow in the Quad Cities for civil rights and political change in the west African country of Togo. Members of the group, Togo Uprising QC, will hold a rally and march in Rock Island.

Flip the District

This weekend, a local fraternity will "flip cups" for a good cause.  Augustana College's Alpha Sigma Xi is teaming up with two bars in Downtown Rock Island.  

Moline Police Department.

Nearly three decades after he disappeared, Moline police are trying once again to figure out what happened to Jerry Wolking. He was 52 years old when he was last seen on October 18th, 1990.

Blue Jeans Go Green

Some of your old clothing could soon help insulate homes.  Theisen's Home, Farm, and Auto has partnered with the Blue Jeans Go Green initiative to collect denim and turn it into insulation.

city of Muscatine

The state will help Muscatine pay for a new library, dog park, and bike trail. Last week, the Enhance Iowa Board approved 500,000 dollars for the Pearls of Progress Project.


The Channel Cat Water Taxi will carry its last passengers of the year, this weekend. Operated by MetroLINK, the Channel Cat has carried nearly 44,000 people since Memorial Day.

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Ellen and David Martin join The Great Quad Cities Listen to discuss Ellen's family history in the Quad Cities area.

City of Davenport

A longtime member of the Davenport Fire Department has died. Fire Marshall Mike Hayman died Thursday afternoon after suffering what's called "a serious medical issue" late Wednesday night or early Thursday  morning.

Diocese of Davenport

A health expert, author, and human rights activist is this year's winner of the Pacem in Terris, Peace and Freedom Award. Widad Akreyi was born in the Kurdish region of Iraq, and as a child witnessed the genocidal campaign by Saddam Hussein against the Kurds in the late 1980's.