Augustana College

WVIK Staff

Augustana College is now prepared to respond to any disaster. That was the message today from the National Weather Service and Illinois Emergency Management Agency, who recognized Augustana for its campus safety. 

Augustana is one of four in Illinois to receive the "Ready to Respond Campus" designation. President Steve Bahls says the college has been working for over a year to complete the state's campus safety criteria. 

The "Ready to Respond Campus" program involves risk assessment, campus-wide training, and violence prevention planning. And, Vice President Evelyn Campbell says the college has also worked with local police and fire departments for three years, to conduct emergency drills. 

Augustana College

The coach who built Augustana College's men's lacrosse program has resigned. Kyle Hart, the college's first ever head lacrosse coach, will not return for the upcoming season.

Hart was hired in 2010. He led the men's team to the NCAA Division Three Tournament last spring. The Vikings finished second in the 2015 inaugural season, with a 14 to 5 overall record. 

Hart has accepted a similar position at Wheaton College in Massachusetts. 

Assistant Coach Zack Olsen will take over as acting head coach. 

The new school year is about to start at Augustana College. International students began arriving earlier this week, and today is new student move-in day on the campus in Rock Island. 

WVIK Staff

Augustana College and Renaissance Rock Island are working together to introduce new students and prospective students to the city. Today they launched a campaign featuring Mini Gus, a small version of the college mascot, Gus the Viking. 

Ben Thomas Payne

WVIK's Ben Thomas Payne reports:

The Center for Student Life at Augustana College is now named for one of the college's most generous alumni. As of today, the combination library and student center in Rock Island is known as the Gerber Center.

Augustana College

An Augustana College athlete has won an NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship. Senior David Voland will receive 75-hundred-dollars for excellence in both academics and athletics. In March, Voland led the men's track team to the NCAA Division Three national title, for the 4-by-400 relay. He has also won 11 College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin titles throughout his career. And, he holds the school record for the fastest time in hurdles and two different relays. Last winter, Voland was named the NCAA Division Three Midwest Regional Athlete of the Year.

Augustana College

A former assistant will return to Augustana College as head coach for its women's track and cross country teams. Wednesday the college announced the hiring of David Thompson.

Thousand of insects arrived at Augustana College over the weekend. Augie Acres, a club that grows pesticide-free crops and plants, received 20,000 bees on Saturday as part of long-term project.Professor of Biology, Tierney Brosius, says Augie Acres plans to use the two hives to pollinate its orchard, and eventually produce honey for the cafeteria. She also wants to use the bees for her entomology class. 

Brosius says she got the idea to buy the bees after noticing some old hives at Augie Acres earlier this year.


The bees, including two queens - were purchased from Ebert Honey in Lynnville, Iowa, and the hives were set up by Crandall Farms in Coal Valley. Brosius says they're Carniolan  bees, which means they have a good temperament and are easy to care for. 

The lobbyists will be younger than usual in Springfield on Wednesday. This year's Student Lobby Day will include students from Augustana, and 17 other private colleges around the state.