Ashford University

Students may soon return to a closed college campus in Clinton, but they'll be younger and from China.

Ashford University

Students may once again fill the halls of a vacant college campus in Clinton. On Tuesday, the county board approved incentives for a development group called Clinton Catalyst, which wants to host high school students from China at the former Ashford University. 

Bridgepoint Education

The former owner of Ashford University in Clinton is in trouble. Monday the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced it will take action against the for-profit company, Bridgepoint Education, for illegal student lending practices. 

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Iowa 2nd District Congressman Dave Loebsack is trying to help children get the mental health care they need. Tuesday in Davenport, the eastern Iowa representative held a roundtable discussion with professionals in the field.

Loebsack has already introduced a bill called the Children’s Access to Mental Health Services Act. 

The congressman also visited the former Ashford University campus in Clinton to find out what the new owners and residents want to do with it. 

The term "final exam" is taking on a whole new meaning this week at Ashford University in Clinton. After graduation this weekend, the campus will close, and only offer courses online.

Campus director, Charlie Minnick, says it's been a difficult year since the closing announcement last summer. But their goal has been "keeps our heads held high, move forward, and finish strong."

Three hundred students attended classes on campus this year, and 180 will graduate this weekend.

Ashford Campus Closing

Apr 29, 2016
Ashford University

A major employer, and long-time institution in Clinton is about to close.

This week on Midwest Week, Herb Trix's guest is Charlene Bielema, editor of the Clinton Herald.

Ashford Campus Sold

Dec 30, 2015
Ashford University

The campus of Ashford University in Clinton has been sold. This week the owner, Bridgepoint Education, announced an agreement with a company called Clinton Catalyst LLC.

It will buy the campus for 1.6 million dollars, including the academic campus, Best Western Hotel, the South campus field, and Red House. 

And as part of the agreement, Ashford will lease the campus from Clinton Catalyst through the end of next year (Dec. 2016) to "ensure there's no impact to campus operations."

Clinton Herald

After nearly 100 years, a college in Clinton is going to close. Next spring, Ashford University will close its campus, but continue offering classes online.

Ninety-seven years after a college opened in Clinton, plans have been announced to close it. Yesterday, Ashford University announced it will close its campus next spring.