WVIK 90.3 FM Augustana Public Radio and River Action are partnering to offer a new program -RiverWayStories - that will debut Saturday, March 2 at 8:34 a.m. during Weekend Edition.

The three-minute on-air essays will cover a broad range of river-related topics, including environmental concerns, conservation efforts, history and recreation.

RiverWayStories is a collaboration between River Action and WVIK and is underwritten by the Singh Group of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management.

The programs airing Saturday mornings at 8:34 a.m.:


  • March 2 - Mississippi River Trail Bridges by Steve Trainor
  • March 9 - Value of Wetlands by Solveig Entwistle
  • March 16 - Retain the Rain: Bioswales by Steve Trainor
  • March 23 - Make Room for the River Floodplain by Solveig Entwistle
  • March 30 - Retain the Rain: Porous Paving by Steve Trainor
  • April 6- Bringing Back Mother Nature's Stream Cleaners by Tim Gilman
  • April 13- Environmental Education in the Outdoors by Solveig Entwistle
  • April 20- Volunteering- The Talent of Time by Amy Bandman
  • April 27- Storm Drains and Pollution by Tim Gilman
  • May 4- Kids Explorers Program- Leave no Child Inside by Amy Bandman
  • May 11- Mississippi River Trail- Duck Creek Loop by TIm Gilman
  • May 18- QC Bald Eagles by Amy Bandman
  • May 25- American White Pelicans Return to the Upper Mississippi River by Keith Bustos
  • June 1- Why the Mississippi River Runs East and West by Amy Bandman
  • June 8- Collaborations in Nature by Keith Bustos
  • June 15- Hennepin Canal: From an Engineering Wonder to a Tool for Regeneration by Amy Bandman
  • June 22- Applying Environmental Ethics to Our Lives by Keith Bustos
  • June 29- Creative Collaborations by Amy Bandman
  • July 6- Freshwater Mollusks by Michael Goodyear
  • July 13- Sultana by Bailey Johnston
  • July 20- My Favorite Places by Kathy Wine
  • July 27- Green Greenways by Amy Bandman
  • August 3- Collaboration with Nature by Michael Goodyear
  • August 10- Improving Credit Island Slough by Keith Bustos
  • August 17- Bio-Diversity Day by Michael Goodyear
  • August 24- Protect Local Water Resources by Robin Dunn
  • August 31- Levees: A Tale of Five Cities by Michael Goodyear
  • September 7- A Fiery Anniversary by Bill Wundram
  • September 14- The Example and Future of Climate Change by Michael Goodyear
  • September 21- Collaborating on Riverfront Development by Michael Goodyear
  • September 28- What the Mississippi Means to Me (By Dick Stahl) by Roald Tweet
  • October 12- Birdlife Along the Mississippi by Michael Goodyear
  • October 19- Who Am I by Robin Dunn
  • October 26- Progressive Water Usage in the Middle-Ages by Michael Goodyear
  • November 2- The Iroquois: Cooperation in Politics and Agriculture by Michael Goodyear
  • November 9- The Rock Island Bridge by Ronald Tweet
  • November 16- A Favorite Spot Along the Mississippi by Lisa Cleve
  • November 23- Green Valley: Improving a Local Treasure by Tim Gilman
  • November 30- Salt Intake by Robin Dunne
  • December 7- How Does Your Garden Grow? by Eileen Spies
  • December 14- Silver Carp by Olivia Dorthy 

Merrill Lynch, The Singh Group