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RiverPlay Podcasts
Written by local writers, set in local natural places, and featuring local actors, the RiverPlays are tiny soundscapes of Quad Cities parks and wild places that audiences can listen to in the very parks and wild places in which the plays are set.
Midwest Week
WVIK News Director Herb Trix discusses the major stories of the day with the reporters who covered them.
RiverWay Stories
Essays covering a broad range of river-related topics, including environmental concerns, conservation efforts, history and recreation. RiverWayStories is a collaboration between River Action and WVIK.
Radish on the Radio
Radish on the Radio focuses on individuals in our region at work in local foods, environmental stewardship, and building healthy and resilient communities.
Hosts Don Wooten and Roald Tweet muse about writing, poetry and the craft.
Music 101
Mindy Heusel converses with Augustana Music Professor and Composer Jacob Bancks