Midwest Week

Fridays at 6:20 PM

A Friday feature at 6:20 PM, during All Things Considered,  that reviews the major stories with the reporters who covered them.

State money is about to run out again for higher education in Illinois. And on Midwest Week, how the budget crisis has affected Western Illinois University - programs, employment, and capital projects.

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On Midwest Week, the opioid epidemic reaches the Quad Cities.

Following its important role in picking presidential candidates for both parties, Iowa could be important again, this time in the general election.

Even though it's not on the ballot, the real race this fall in Illinois is between two men - House Speaker Mike Madigan and Governor Bruce Rauner.

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On Midwest Week - with all the talk about injuries at the college and professional levels, should parents be worried about their children playing in youth football leagues ?

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It was a long and difficult season for the Quad Cities River Bandits this year.

On Midwest Week a wrap-up of the season - Herb Trix's guest is Steve Batterson, sports reporter for the Quad City Times.

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Protests in North Dakota against a proposed oil pipeline spread to southeastern Iowa. 

On Midwest Week, trying to understand how schools are funded in Illinois and why that might change sometime soon.

Herb Trix's guest is Dusty Rhodes, education reporter for Illinois Public Radio in Springfield.

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One major decision is done, but another is in the works, for the city of Davenport.

On Midwest Week, Herb Trix's guest this week is Brian Wellner, reporter for the Quad City Times.

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in collaboration with summer 2016 data visualization course, Dept. of Computer Science, NIU (Mohammed Jaffer Ali)

In just four years, thousands of video gambling machines have popped up in bars and restaurants across Illinois, providing revenue for local and state governments, and competition for casino boats.