What A Rock Island Man Is Willing To Pay For His Missing Lamp

Aug 4, 2017

A Rock Island man is still looking for his beloved lawn lamp three weeks after it was allegedly stolen from his front yard in the middle of the night. 

Jim Davies says he bought the roughly 60-pound, copper lamp for $1,500 dollars in 2002.

Jim Davies is offering a $500 dollar reward to whoever returns the copper, 60-pound light post -- a far cry from what a thief could possibly make on the antique lamp elsewhere. 

Davies says he bought it from a friend 15 years ago for $1,500.

"They didn't steal a $4 light from the hardware store -- they stole something that really can't easily be replaced," he said. "You're not going one anywhere else in the cities. It's unique."

Davies filed a police report and planned to press charges against the alleged thief, but says now he just wants his lamp back. 

He's since replaced it with another antique light post which he plans to cement into the ground and surround with security cameras.