Virtual Training for Disabled Veterans

Oct 27, 2017

on Brown Street in Davenport, by the Saint Ambrose University campus.
Credit WVIK News

A training site for disabled veterans can now expand beyond the Quad Cities. Friday Saint Ambrose University in Davenport celebrated the addition of new technology to its assistive technology house, making it accessible to anyone, in person or online. 

Officially, it's a Virtual Demonstration and Training Site for Home Independence, made possible by local donations and a grant from the V-A.

The director, Jon Turnquist, says it's designed to help disabled veterans, but also their families and care-givers.

Jim's Place director Jon Turnquist
Credit WVIK News

"A person can just scroll through and if there's anything of interest - an adaptive sink that moves up and down, or how can I get in the shower easier, or prevent a fall, or my vision is not the best - all these things are pre-loaded into this virtual environment. People can explore and find out and actually find those unique solutions to help themselves."

The university first opened Jim's Place six years ago, named for the late Jim O'Rourke who suffered a spinal cord injury. 

Turnquist says the goal is safety and independence, and to provide a training site for students and medical professionals.