United Way 2016 Results

Mar 2, 2017

United Way campaign co-chairs, Jim Nelson (l) and Bryan Dixon (r)
Credit United Way of the Quad Cities Area

Despite falling just short of the goal, officials of the United Way are still pleased with the outcome of last year's campaign. The goal was 8.5 million dollars, and Thursday they announced pledges totaled 8.3 million dollars.

Scott Crane, president of the United Way of the Quad Cities Area, says he's very pleased  to have reached 98 per cent of the goal.

"Considering some of the economic conditions in the community and some of the uncertainty that goes along with that, I think the community did a great job."

The United Way received 80 applications for funding, 40 from agencies and organizations that have been funded in the past and 40 from new ones.

A new funding plan is being implemented this year - Crane says volunteers first analyzed community needs, decided how to meet them, and then settled on how to measure the results. 

"If they have an opportunity to help children with third grade reading, they will submit a proposal against that metric on how are they going to move the needle on that particular statistic. Then our volunteers will review that and with the resources they have available, allocate to those types of programs."

 He says this will mean greater accountability for recipients of United Way dollars than in the past .

Funding decisions will be announced in May.