Underwear Because We Care

Oct 2, 2017

A campaign has started to collect a special type of clothing. Through November first, Underwear Because We Care is gathering donations that will be given to a variety of organizations that provide services in the Quad-Cities for the needy and homeless. 

Grant Curtis, chair of this year's campaign, says his group got the idea from a church in Dubuque that was collecting underwear. 

"People can't have a real high self-esteem if they don't have underwear or they don't have clean underwear. And that's really what it's about,  it's not about entirely re-building the esteem. It's about giving them a building block to help them on that road."

His group holds formal collections twice a year. Last year, it collected 64-hundred items that were given to 31 partner organizations. 

More information is available on the Underwear Because We Care Facebook page.