TallgrassQC Launches With Prairie Planting

Jun 1, 2016

A new environmental initiative launched Wednesday with the planting of prairie plants in front of the Ground Transportation Center on 2nd Street in Davenport. TallgrassQC is a collaboration between about 10 organizations — including WVIK — raising awareness of prairie ecology in the Quad Cities Region.

The initiative began with the Picturing the Prairie exhibit at the Figge Art Museum.  Tim Schiffer, the museum's executive director, says it offers different perspectives so people will take a closer look at plants and the prairie ecology. 

Schiffer says finding more and more artists who use the prairie as their subject eventually sparked more of an awareness campaign and other organizations joined in. 

The prairie supports pollinators like bees and butterflies, which are responsible for about a third of the food supply. Nahant Marsh is hosting a pollinator conference on June 23 and 24, which executive director Brian Ritter says will include discussions about threats to pollinators and what people can do to help.

WVIK listeners who donated $15 per month or more during the April pledge drive received a coupon to redeem a 12-pack of pollinator-friendly prairie plants. WVIK is also reporting and aggregating environmental news at TallgrassQC.org