'Talking Art' With Michael Kienzle

Nov 6, 2017

Carolyn Martin talks with Michael Kienzle, a painter whose exhibit “Outside the Lines” is currently showing at the Hudson River Gallery in Iowa City, and who also happens to be a University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics emeritus professor of Cardiology.

Listen to the conversation about how creating art opens us up to new possibilities, why it is never too late to incorporate art into our lives, and why our chosen professions do not define us. 

Michael Kienzle's work is on display at the Hudson River Gallery in Iowa City through November 11.
Credit Carolyn Martin / WVIK

You can view his paintings displayed at the Hudson River Gallery in person through November 11 at 538 S. Gilbert City in Iowa City (upstairs from the Mansion), or online

Michael Kienzle paints in a work space on his renovated farmstead near Maysville, Iowa, just north of Davenport. A September 3 Quad City Times article chronicles the historic farmstead project completed with his wife, Susan Frye.

Produced by Lacy Scarmana